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Harold Sherman and William Farnum

Edwin Carewe, Ruby Skelly, Harold Sherman

Are We Civilized?

Click on image to view Are We Civilized? (1934) in its entirety on archive.org

The Making of
Are We Civilized?
Directed by Edwin Carewe
Starring William Farnum and Anita Louise
Screenplay by Harold Sherman

"The Making of Are We Civilized?" in print-on-demand and Kindle versions are currently being revised. It is comprised of letters, documents and photos found in Harold Sherman's archives in the Special Collections at the Torreyson Library, University of Central Arkansas at Conway. Complied and Edited by Saskia Raevouri

Cast and crew of Are We Civilized? on last day of shooting

Some advertising posters from Are We Civilized?

Frank McGlynn, Anita Louise, William Farnum, LeRoy Mason

Ed Raschbaum, Edwin Carewe, Harold Sherman, and Sidney T. Pink. Raschbaum and Pink were the producers, their company called Raspin Productions